What Is Your True Nature To Show?

Based on a true story, ‘TND’ depicts the dawn of the AV industry in Japan. As presented, are four key ideas raised and reflections on them. First, we are born and die naked. However, being humans, not animals with fur, hide, scales or feathers, we do need to clothe ourselves for protection against the elements, and for basic decency, to not needlessly stir lust and disgust, that do disturb others. Just because we are naked beneath does not mean we should simply bare ourselves to all.

Second, the founders of the industry claim to liberate and show humanity’s true self or nature by showing nudity and wild acts of passion. However, we have Buddha-nature, which is the greatest potential for purity. This is our truest nature; not our ‘nature’ as defiled by the three poisons of greed (which includes lust), hatred (which includes disgust) and delusion (about our true nature). If the false self is continually mistaken and promoted as true, how will we realise our Buddha-nature, to be liberated?

Behind and before the industry, even if with consenting adults, it is thick with fermenting of the three poisons that intoxicates. Inevitably involved are s/expolitation, drugs and violence. Sustenance of it thus cannot be right livelihood. Third, is what legal also moral? No, it is not always so. The barely legal is seldom highly moral too. Fourth, censorship should not be done to hide the ‘natural’ and ‘honest’? However, what truly natural and honestly true is our long concealed Buddha-nature, that requires moral shame to reveal. – Moshidojo

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