Just A ‘Feria’ Tale?

If there is evil in this world, is there not also the most powerful evil? Yes, of course. by logical default. In Buddhism, this is represented by Māra, the heavenly demon king. What if there is a(n) (d)evil infinite in power, as Feria suggests? It would not make sense — as this would simply conquer the world completely in an instant, destroying all that is good.

Likewise, there is no infinitely powerful go(o)d, or this would simply cleanse the world in an instant, transforming all that is evil. Yet, this world is full of individuals mixed with both good and evil. Even though the Buddhas embody and express immeasurable goodness and purity, they are not infinitely powerful in their ability to help all, as there must be corresponding affinity with karmic connections first. The good news is that this affinity can be created and strengthened with sincere and diligent mindfulness of Buddha.

Contradicting itself with proof in the story, as a staple of most fantasy tales, even in this new ‘Feria (i.e. fairy) tale’, even its demons with great evil need cooperating human agents to incubate within, to grow and amplify their efforts through them, for expressing wrath and destruction. If such evil is so heavily conditioned by us, they are surely not unconditionally evil by default, in a primordially powerful sense.

That universally timeless in such stories then, even if fictitious, is always the same – that no matter how many the evil are, and how powerful they are, we are never totally at their mercy. In fact, they are at our mercy. By observing the precepts well to keep the Three Poisons of greed, hatred and delusion at bay, which is to disempower our inner evil, outer evils’ power correspondingly weakens. (Greed with attachment can be disguised as ‘true love’. Hatred with spitefulness can be disguised as ‘righteousness’. Delusion with arrogance can be disguised as confidence.)

We might not have infinite power to eradicate all evils from the world straightaway, but we do have the ability to purge our personal poisons first and forever. Especially since it is a difficult and ongoing battle for the rest of the world, all the more should we purify ourselves first, for helping others. The most skilfully efficient way for doing so is to ensure that Pure Land is reached, where swift and total purification is assured.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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