‘King Arthur’ Vs Uncle ‘Mara’?

‘King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword’ retells the tale of how King Arthur came to be. After his father King Uther was ‘forced’ to kill himself, Arthur’s Uncle Vortigern usurped the throne. Arthur as a young boy was somewhat self-exiled to live a desperate life as an orphaned commoner. This was till his karmic destiny led him to pull out his father’s sword, the Excalibur, revealing to all his birthright to be the rightful one for the crown.

To Vortigern during a confrontational battle, Arthur said, ‘You wanted to know what gave me such drive [to rebel against you]. It was you. You put me in that brothel [through being forced to be abandoned and adopted by the poor]. You cut me on the streets [by letting me be bullied]. I am here now because of you. You created me. For that I bless you. [Kisses his hand after fatally stabbing him.] You make sense of the devil.’

However, the Mara-like Vortigern did not actively, over the years gone by, purposely drive Arthur to rebel. Although Vortigern perpetuated injustice against him by not searching for him to restore his royal status, Arthur’s drive was largely self-motivated. Again, Vortigern did not personally put him in a brothel, or got him bullied, though he let these terrible circumstances be possible through his uncaring inaction. Thus, Arthur created himself more than Vortigern did.

Perhaps with sarcasm, Arthur thanked and jabbed Vortigern at the same time. Arthur could have transformed his vengeful thought to be true gratitude? Why not imprison well to reform well, instead of killing one deemed ‘too evil’? Saying Vortigern made sense of the devil meant that Arthur ‘realised’ why one so evil was ‘allowed’ to exist – to motivate him to regain the throne. This neglects how his own negative karma manifested its loss in the first place, with his own ‘Mara’ to fight with!

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