Some ‘Bulgasal’ (Impossible To Kill) Truths

A ‘soothsayer’ of sorts tells a ‘prophecy’ of sorts  — ‘You will cross paths [with one another] one way or another [in this and/or future lives]. Either as enemies or as friends. You are destined to meet them again. And they will be dragged into your karma once more.’ She only seems to be kind of a ‘soothsayer’ because there is no need to really ‘foresee the future’ to know what she said, with what said being a default and general truth for most, not so much as a ‘prophecy’. (This review does not validate any other concepts of ‘karma’ presented in the series.)

Although the protagonists and antagonists in the drama are a mix of humane humans, monstrous monsters, humane monsters and monstrous humans, the ‘prophecy’ is universal for all sentient beings still trapped in the cycle of birth and death. Here is how to make sense of that said… Of course, having forged karmic affinities with those encountered in this life, unless one party has liberated from rebirth, both parties are likely to meet again in future lives, through various means.

Since those encountered are mostly enemies or friends, with few neutral in between, such nature of relationships might continue in the next life. While ‘enemies’ and ‘friends’ seem like contrasting extremes, for simplicity, those we have some disliking and liking of, can be classified as ‘enemies’ and ‘friends’ accordingly too, even if there are no extreme emotions involved. In this sense, fortunately and unfortunately, it is true that there are few we are totally indifferent to.

Having others ‘dragged into your karma once more’ sounds well, kind of a drag – unless those associated with are friends of course. However, as the dynamics of karma are never static, friends can become enemies, just as enemies can become friends. If so, even if enemies are ‘dragged into’ your life again, they can be ‘destroyed’… by transforming them… into friends! Yet, with the state of worldly friendship still being impermanent, the true way to cement the friendship is to make it spiritual in nature, guiding one another to liberation.

With karma directing cyclical retribution, you cannot simply destroy your enemies physically, who will be reborn as karmic creditors, with the tendency to wreck vengeance (again). The only way to resolve enmity is to dissolve it, by cultivating its opposites, the qualities of repentance, forgiveness and compassion, for everyone’s sake. To end negative karma, step one is to not attempt so by creating more negative karma, to feed fuel to the fire. Since even a killer cannot really be killed ‘for good’, it is ‘killing’ that has to be ‘killed’, not the killer. These are immortal truths.

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