Don’t Be ‘Dumb And Dumber To'(o)!

The ‘Dumb And Dumber (To)’ comedies
are only as hilarious as we can relate,
ridiculous as they can be.
For are we not sometimes
also like the two key characters,
with too much blind faith in their own witless wits?

To have Moha (Sanskrit term)
is to be deluded, ignorant,
foolish, spiritually ‘dumb’.
To have Moha-Moha
is to be deluded, ignorant,
foolish, spiritually ‘dumb’…

… about the fact that one has Moha,
to be ‘dumber than dumb’,
to be unaware of one’s ridiculousness,
to not laugh at one’s own foolishness,
is itself ‘laughable’ to others.
[‘Dumb’ is Moha; ‘Dumber’ is Moha-Moha!]

‘The fool who knows that he is a fool can,
for that reason, be a wise man;
but the fool who thinks that he is wise is,
indeed, called a fool.’
Thus did the wise Buddha teach
about fools in the Dhammapada!

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