Prepared For The ‘Shockwave’ Of Your Life?

‘Shockwave’ is about the expertise of a heroic bomb disposal officer… and his tragic limitations. Even the most cool-headed and skilled ones who were able to save many in the nick of time will eventually run out of time in this life to save one’s own life. Even others saved will run out of time… This is so as with or without a visible bomb, we are all existential ticking timebombs, each ticking away at karmically different paces, counting down to ‘detonation’ time for rebirth sooner or later than expected. 

In a final scene, facing a bomb with hundred of wires reduced to a red and yellow wire as the mains, and with minutes left to spare, he ran out of time to accurately analyse which wire to cut. It became a 50/50 ‘chance’ and arbitrary decision. So much for all the complex experience gathered over the years. The truth is, in each moment as we speak, we too have a 50/50 karmic probability of surviving in the next moment. The only way to overcome this ‘shocking’ condition is by calmly and clearly learning and practising the Dharma well from moment to moment!        

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