‘Shutter Island’ on Craziness

Does it help to insist you are not crazy when you are perceived to be so? If so-called ‘experts’ label you as crazy, your very protesting of not being crazy, even if reasonable, might further affirm their (mis)judgement.

In fact, anything you (not) say or do might be perceived as part of your insanity. It might be deemed as a defense mechanism, a survival instinct. If these ‘experts’ are wrong, in denial of your sanity, are they then not the ones who are ‘mad’ with misperceptions clung to, with attachment, delusion and paranoia?

As Stonepeace put it, ‘If you cannot accept reality, you will create delusion.‘ Thus, it is important to be open to continual learning and questioning via many avenues, in case there are many delusional thoughts yet to be uncovered, to be sifted away. With delusions eliminated, what left will be the truth.

Also, ‘What you repress from is you will regress towards.‘ Those suppressed can include delusions. Again, with learning and questioning, you can keep correcting any misperceptions. This is how to break free from delusions, to come closer to reality.

What is in/sanity? To be totally sane is to see all things exactly as they are. To be severely insane is to have ‘lost’ the abilty to see anything as it is. In this sense, since we are yet to be completely enlightened on everything, we are all on a sliding scale of in/sanity, as if more in/sane on certain matters than others.

Knowing this and thus staying open to continual learning and questioning is to keep taking steps towards greater sanity. Although we cannot be perfectly sane suddenly, we can become more and more sane now.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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