Are ‘Things Heard And Seen’ Completely Yet?

This life is ideally like a good movie, with all the fine details heard and seen tied up by the end, with everything falling into place, with all the bothersome issues ironed out. (Hopefully, there will be a happy ending.) Yet, the truth and its sub-truths are already in place, just waiting for us to see how they all fit. Is it not so, that it was with unresolved matters, some existential indignation, that we got reborn to ‘haunt’?

Did our last lives’ end with confusion and dissatisfaction like a bad movie? Deep down, life (and death) is a mystery we hope to figure out… in time. Otherwise, this life is but another dissatisfactory chapter with a few fragments of reality gleaned. The more we use all our senses, to hear and see more, the more will be known, more clearly. The chief sense is however always the mind, that minds all the others.

They say the devil is in the details. For Buddhists, the Dharma is in the details, the Dharma as in the truths of all phenomena, of how things really are. A satisfactory mystery thriller should litter ample clues throughout the story, offering the audience fair chances to form sound theories before it concludes. So why were you reborn? And where are you going to? Are you going to transcend life and death this time?

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