Don’t Miss 9 Lessons From ‘The Gray Man’

Don’t Be Grey

[1] Those grey might be easily made black (i.e. wrong) to harm the white (i.e. right).
[2] Those grey should become as white as possible, and as soon as possible.
[3] Those grey in charge might become black to those they are in charge of.

Don’t Be ‘Disposable’

[4] Those who are ‘disposable’ might be ‘disposed’ sooner or later.
[5] Those who do not ‘dispose’ others are less likely to be ‘disposed’.
[6] Those who ‘dispose’ others might be ‘disposed’ by the next ‘disposer’.

Don’t Be Presumptuous

[7] Those who seem white might be grey or black.
[8] Those who seem black might be grey or white.
[9] Those who seem grey might be white or black.

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