‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’… In The Afterlife Too?

Over time, Savile subtly betrayed his lack of understanding on the dynamics of karma, not that he was expected to know them, or he would not have done the hellish deeds he did. During interviews, he suggested that good and evil deeds done are like the credit and debit ‘halves’ of a ledger, and that if so, he hopes to have done more good than evil, to tip the balance, to thus deserve entering of heaven…

So thought he, who was once a beloved national celebrity, who raised millions for charities, who got knighted, befriended the Prime Minister and royalty, and even met the Pope. But most people forgot, so it seems, that having climbed in fame and power does not guarantee (or measure) increase in morality. In fact, even having done what seems to be great ‘good’ might not mean greater evil is not discreetly done too.

His case was especially unbelievable and unpalatable because his dark deeds were almost as polaristically opposite to his cheery good deeds as possible. Sadly, the vulnerable who first reported him were routinely ignored. It turned out that over the decades, with victims aged between 5 to 75, he committed se_ual abuse of more than 400 in film studios, schools, children’s homes and hospitals, often in the institutes that he raised funds for.

How does karma work in this case? With decades to repent sincerely, to cease his evil ways once and for all, yet never confessing and making amends, even if with ‘good’ works to ‘neutralise’ them, this will not work. In fact, it could even be that his ‘good’ works were precisely for gaining power, to be able to overpower, lure and intimidate his victims. If so, his ‘good’ done was just for his evil ways, part of his evil.

According to the Buddha’s teachings, entry of any heaven is just a matter of having more good than evil done. There must be great good done. With his great evil and dubious ‘good’, along with little possibility that he repented in time before his passing (as there was no expression of this anywhere, such as in writing), this means not only was he not heavenbound, he was surely hellbound… where he will live a true horror story.

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