‘Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead’ (Or Rather Half-Dead, Not Fully Alive)

Actually, the dead cannot have a bucket list, because they have already kicked the bucket. Unless they have become restless spirits who recall their unfulfilled wishes, or have attained the ability to remember past lives upon rebirth or liberation. Most of us have to work to live, to survive. But what do we live for? If it is for work again, this is surely ill circular logic, existing to exist for its own sake only. We might as well be unthinking and uncomplaining zombies relentlessly hunting for our next meals, only to get energy for the next hunt. Zombies are so laser-focused that they have only one pointless and mindless agenda on their to-do ‘list’.

There is the repeated ‘ideal’ to ‘just live your life the way you want’, but is simply doing whatever you want itself ideal? At first, the protagonist Tendo decides to do worldly stuff, such as setting off many spectacular fireworks. But there was a pause after the short-lived delight fades, as the existential question of ‘What’s next?’ arises. If money is no longer a constraint in a zombie overrun world open for the taking, material needs are still relatively easy to meet, although there are risks of encountering other competing humans and hungry zombies. With no need to be stuck in worldly work compliantly any more, where there is workplace bullying, senseless overtime and such, what should Tendo work towards now?

Our real work is to work towards what is ultimately real. In this sense, our real work is always spiritual in nature. Even unavoidable worldly work is just to financially support this real work. As Tendo writes and strikes off his worldly desires upon fulfilling them, he realises his ultimate goal, to ‘become a superhero who saves everyone’, with this as his ‘new job.’ Of course, he was referring to physical saving only, but this is already a giant leap forward, going towards spiritual salvation of all, based on Bodhicitta. He exclaimed, ‘If I can’t live my life the way I want, I’m better off as zombie food.’ This is not true though. Why would he be surely better off as food for the dead? He will become undead, another problematic zombie!

You have to risk your life to some extent, to really live your life. To expend time and exert efforts to better life is already to take risks, with life trickling away while expending and exerting. What if life is not bettered in time? What if efforts are misplaced? Are the risks sensible, calculated? What are the 100 or so items on your bucket list? Remember – there is always one ultimate item, which makes the 99 other items but means to support fulfilling of that item. What are these tasks to do before you become a zombie, or rather, dead? Since there are low chances that there will be a zombie attack to wake us up, to force us to live a more purposeful life, do make and live your list now.

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