12 ‘Stowaway’ Questions On Life And Death

[1] Are all sentient lives equally worthy to you? [2] What kind of sentient life/lives is/are worthy to you? [3] How much is one such life worth to you? [4] Will you risk your life to save that life? [5] To what (reasonable or extraordinary) extent will you risk your life? [6] Are there any conditions for doing so? [7] Can you live with knowing that you could have saved that life, if you did not?

[8] Is your life and/or that life that could be saved life/lives that take/s more lives or saves more lives? [9] Should you just do your best to save others, and hope they will do their best after? [10] Beyond saving short-lived physical lives, how about saving long-term spiritual lives? [11] Should everyone just do their best to save everyone? [12] Should everyone else answer in the ways you did?

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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