The Right Story Can Resume With Timely ‘Atonement’

‘Atonement’ is a believable cautionary tale on the ills of an over-active imagination, which can lead to the ‘natural’ ease of spinning destructive and false testimonials. Seeing only little of what to be seen, while speculating unfairly on what not yet seen, what missed is the clear and complete picture. To be too quickly judgemental without investigation for verification is to be misjudgemental.

With unmindful perception, there will be misperception. Without open communication for clarification, there will almost always be room for miscommunication. Being self-righteous is not right, as the righteous should be selfless, or that stubbornly deemed so right can turn out to be so very wrong. Even if with a false sense of victory, maligning ones with spiteful greed, hate, delusion and jealousy have already lost their senses.

All these at what cost? With the potential loss of love, liberty and even life, followed by lifelong regret, for being unable to undo that done. Beware then, lest one does that difficult to make amends for in person, even if there is atonement in mind. Yet, no one is unforgivable, other than those who do the unforgiving while never asking for forgiveness, and those who remain unforgiving despite forgiveness asked for.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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