Meet Ron The White-‘BlackkKlansman’

Dharmically, we have been reborn so many times already, that we must have all been of various species of sentient beings, what more races. Who is a ‘purebred’ then? There are no definitely inferior races; only inferior individuals due to their ill conduct, including by being racist. True purity is then in mind; not by form. The wisely discriminating are specific, while the foolish generalise and demonise with self-fulfilling confirmation bias.

While racists are vehemently against the spread of integration and miscegenation, perhaps cures for racism are integration and miscegenation – with them happening naturally of course. The more loving interracial relationships there are, the more ridiculous racism will seem. Whatever colour our skins may be, do we not all have hearts and blood of red?

What about the ‘religiously’ racist, who believe they were ‘created superior’? Well, they ought to reflect, that according to their faith, the ‘others’ were also ‘created’. Who then, are they to demonise the ‘co-created’? Is that not figuratively and literally ‘ungodly’? With racism being a two-way street, racists ironically create racists out of those they are racist against.

The en-masse problem of racism is powered by all Three Poisons of greed (for more power and rights), hatred (for those assumed to be ‘competing’) and delusion (with lack of understanding, on how we are all brothers and sisters in the many rounds of rebirth). So long as these poisons are present in the slightest, this defiled world will never be a Pure Land.

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