Love In ‘Our Times’ Of Growing Up

The girl asked, ‘How to not fall when skating?‘ The guy quipped, ‘By not being afraid to fall!‘ Thus began a love-hate relationship as he encourages and teases her at the same time. It turns out that the ‘falling’ can relate to ‘falling’ in love too, which is probably called ‘falling’ because it seems mostly ‘accidental’?

But can you not fall in love just by not being afraid to fall? Yes actually. By being fearless, by loving courageously and mindfully, as unconditionally as possible. It is love, but not the heart-wrenching kind, that suffers when misunderstood, unrequited or even betrayed. Easier said than done, thus are lessons needed!

When we fall, we climb up and try again. Each scar marks our growth in learning to love better. Every slip can reshape and strengthen us. Since love needs not be the romantic kind, it can be with pure loving-kindness, which makes it even more precious! The challenge is to keep love as lustless and non-possessive as we can.

As in many stories of young love, there is a love triangle (or rather, rectangle) in this film, with love expressed almost too late. We struggle with expressing our love when we fear rejection. Yet, true love never frets rejection. It simply cares on skilfully, even when unappreciated. How lovely! Reminiscing ‘our times’ younger, may we brim with gratitude, even for loves ‘lost’, for those lessons in skating.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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