Triple Take On The ‘Triple Frontier’

‘Triple Frontier’ (Or ‘Three Frontiers’) refers to ‘Três Fronteiras’, the Spanish name for an area of the Amazon Rainforest in the Upper Amazon region of South America, named after the tripoint where borders of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia meet. In the heist, there is the Triple Frontier featured as triple barriers, on the escape route by land (of the Amazon and Andes), air (by chopper) and sea (by boat).

These were but physical obstacles to clear. There was more challenging yet fundamental triple obstacles of the Three Poisons, of greed, hatred and delusion to cross for true escape. Doing so requires more mindful determination. In fact, if the protagonists first crossed the trio, they would not be greedy for ill-gotten gains, hateful by shooting to kill, and deluded by thinking they can karmically get away.

Greed was expressed by hauling so many bags of cash that they weighed down the chopper, till the mountains could not be crossed. It also led to delay when stealing, such that the loot’s guardians and innocent bystanders returned, for a hate-filled showdown. While all but one escaped alive from the Triple Frontier, there is no escape from karma for all, unless repented for and resolved of in time.

Out of guilt, the survivors put their loot in a trust for the young daughter of their deceased partner in crime. But what about the bereaved families of the others? Why not seek them out and try to make up for their mistakes? With revelation of coordinates noted, of where most of the looted money was ‘dumped’, is this hint of a possible sequel? Why not retrieve it, to do some good with it?

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