Three Quick ‘Bullet Train’ Lessons

Lesson #1: Ladybug uttered, ‘Hurt people hurt people.’ Yes, that is a proper sentence. With an actual truth too. To be more accurate, ‘hurt people tend to hurt people’. Why not be one who tends towards non-hurting of anyone? (See Lesson #3 on the danger of revenge.) Use it to reflect on why you are hurting, why you hurt others, and why others hurt you. Why not analyse, and give rise to empathy for one and all, using it as a balm to cease hurting? We do not have to be continual victims of past experiences, just as we do not have to victimise more because of them. Learn well and move on well. Drop the hurt but hang on to the lessons.

Lesson #2: The Elder quipped, ‘If you do not control your fate, it will control you.’ Yes, your destiny is what you make of it, how you shape it. Even letting things be is a lazy way of letting it take shape, in ways perhaps unwise. But if ‘fate’ implies ‘predestination’, being what already controls you, how do you control it? Well, life is not so black or white. While some events have karmic tendencies to ‘harden’ into reality, nothing is cast in stone yet. To this extent, you can still control what is being cast, even if it is just by changing your attitude. The hurt try to exert ‘control’ by hurting people instead of healing themselves, which brings us to Lesson #1 and #3.

Lesson #3: When the Prince, as the villain, was hit by a tangerine van, Ladybug wondered aloud, ‘Was that karma?’ Yes, of course! Any event that entails pain or pleasure is surely karmic in nature – even if it seems ‘random’. If there is a cause for every effect, karma is the ‘moral’ cause. It is not just ‘heartless’ physics falling into place. It was later revealed that the vehicle was driven by Lemon to avenge Tangerine, his partner in crime. It was an instrument of karmic payback, purposefully driven. That said, remember Lesson #1 — ‘Hurt people hurt people.’ And there can be karmic payback with interest for dishing out karmic payback!

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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