Will ‘Mortdecai’ Be Alright In The End?

During a car chase, the comical Lord Mortdecai asks his henchman, ‘Jock?’ He replies, ‘Yes, sir?’ Mortdecai continues in his aristocratic tone, ‘Will it be alright in the end?’ Despite the high tension, Jock who is driving politely yells, ‘I couldn’t say, sir!’ The same dialogue repeats a while later, in another life or death situation.

Later, in a more relaxed mode, that is nevertheless building up to a climatic dangerous scene, Mortdecai asks, ‘Jock?’ He replies, with a tinge of impatience this time, ‘Yup?’ Mortdecai continues in his aristocratic tone, ‘Will it be alright in the end?’ Jock snaps in exasperation and shouts, ‘How the f*ck should I know?!!!’

In the end, when things did turn out alright, Mortdecai remarks, in his same aristocratic tone, ‘Poor Jock, he was frantic with worry. But I knew everything would be alright in the end.’ Of course, it was Mortdecai who was much more frantic with worry throughout, despite always trying to ask his repeated query with cool collectedness.

If he had enough calmness and clarity of mind to wonder if things would turn out okay, he could surely use and increase these qualities to dissolve pointless frantic worry, to better solve the problem at hand, to truly make things turn out fine. Getting uncertain assurance from another just as unenlightened hardly helps!

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  • Lesson noted.
    You watch too many movies to make Dharma of them. Shouldn’t we uphold the 8 precepts. LOL 🙂

  • Since popular movies have strong branding, it is skilful to use them to attract the attention of readers, as a way to share the otherwise missed Dharma interpretations.

    Those who watch movies without interpreting the Dharma at all are the ones who watch too many movies.

    The 8 precepts can be committed to 6 to 10 days a month by laypeople, according to the Mahayana tradition. Who is to say the writer does not observe them?


  • The basic definition of the 8 precepts are that they are precept observed for at least 24 hours. The more the better, but at least for 24 hours in one go.

  • @jie. Thank you. I think that is very sound and wise to do at least 24 hr straight.
    I also recall that the Vinaya set up 3 fasting days during the new and full moon period. Thus the 6 days fast in a month. Do you know of any of these specified days? 🙂

  • @ding. Thank you for the reference. Those ten days are also called the Vegetarian days as mentioned in the Earth Store Sutra. Are there reference to the 6 fasting days in sutras?

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