Run ‘Beckett’ Run

What is worse than being on the run, fleeing from relentless enemies eager to take your life? Not knowing why they are after you, even if you believe it is some karmic situation you got caught up in. Not knowing who you can trust, as a foreigner in a foreign land, when there might be corrupted law enforcers, and even nefarious ambassadors. Not knowing if activists on the other side are confused by conspiracy theories concocted with over-active imagination too. Keep questioning, especially on why you have stopped questioning. Is what you consider true truly so?

In this post-truth era, as accelerated by fake news propagated by (anti-)social media, and those unmindfully trapped in their biased filter bubbles stumbled upon, that keep true news at bay, who is the real authority on reality? What needed is a whole lot of common sense and objective research, in the quest for reasonable reasoning and evident evidence, to truly ‘know and see’, as the Buddha put it. Even if an ‘authority’ is trusted, it is with personal discernment that this trust is placed. The burden of choice is always yours to bear. Choose well. And flee from foolishness!

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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