Repentance Of ‘The Gunman’

Why be a hitman, who might be silenced for having pulled a hit, by another hitman? The karmic consequences of killing are often by being killed. And karma can take time to ripen, as the unresolved past haunts on. The protagonist gunman attempts to make up for the inhuman done with humanitarian efforts. Yet, heavy negative karma does not exhaust easily.

The most fundamental reason for war has always been opportunistic invasion for greedy conquest. In this era, there are mercenaries who work on the pretext of security for MNCs. The gunman was working for one such, which ordered a hit for capitalistic expansion.

Expand this concept and there is neo-colonialism (or neo-imperialism) – war in the name of liberating a land’s people, when it is terrorism, an attempt to seize control to exploit its resources. Yes, it is also the most efficient way to stir hatred of the oppressed, to create new terrorist enemies. Karma plays on – be it with one gunman or entire platoons of gunmen.

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