An Interterrestrial’s Ode To ‘Interstellar’

The movie ‘Interstellar’ sings
of great hope for humanity,
with speak of how we are explorers not caretakers,
not meant to save the world, but to leave it,
born here, but not to die here,
with our place in the stars, not in the dirt.

Yet, such hopes are not as plentiful as screened,
at least not for now, so it seems.
We should explore how to better care for this world,
to save it because we cannot all leave it yet,
because there is only one truly Earth-like planet so far,
this cosmic dust mote is our place in the stars.

If love (loving-kindness and compassion) is a force of nature,
bearing weight like gravity,
capable of bending even space and time,
it is the key code to survival we need to decipher and use now.
With as little dualistic Morse of dots and dashes as possible,
may we love all as wisely and equanimously as we can.

If only we do our best
to save us ‘interterrestrials’ from and with one another,
there is perhaps no need to rocket off afar,
on a desperate quest to ‘rage against the dying’ of light.
For we will be going gently but firmly to brighter light,
towards an enlightened future without night.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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