16 Lessons On Anger From ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (1977)

[1] You should have emotional commitment, but in pure emotions, like loving-kindness and compassion; not negative ones like anger. [2] True strength is from within, not from external stimuli. [3] The strong pass the test of patience, with no need to tolerate anything or vent at anyone at all. [4] To give in to rage is to be weak. To not give in is to be strong.

[5] If you become more angry when wronged, you are more likely to actually do wrong, less likely to do what is right to right the wrong. [6] Strength that arises only when angry is not true strength. It is too heavily conditioned, unlike calmness that is unconditioned. [7] It is better to be calm and righteous than angry and righteous. [8] Be a calm and clear gentleman, not a grunting and incoherent monster.

[9] When you lose your temper, you lose your mind, thus losing mindfulness too. [10] When you are really angry, is it really you, or is there a better you within, who is not angry at all? [11] Being easily triggered is a weakness. Brute strength is not true strength. Having full control is true strength. [12] The definition of the ‘mad’ are those who cannot communicate clearly or be communicated to clearly.

[13] Your intelligence and wisdom drops to be subhuman or even inhuman when ‘mad’. [14] Frustration is way more destructive than constructive as it is well, frustrating. [15] ‘Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.’ Don’t make that excuse for being angry. Think instead, ‘I should not make myself angry. I wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. No one else does too!’ [16] Even if the Hulk can be kind of savage yet kind of kind, why not just be kind?

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