‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ & The Missed Deaths Of Many Other Animals

This animated feature tells the tale of ‘flushed pets’, who have become ‘freedom fighters’. They meet kept pets called ‘leash lovers’, to whom they explain their cause. The abandoned pets’ revolution sought to be ‘liberated forever, domesticated never’, having been let down by humans who once claimed to love them, who ‘threw them out like garbage’ upon loss of interest. The worst that could happen next is to be caught as strays by animal control, and be ‘put to sleep’ (euphemism for ‘killed’) if not adopted in time.

Although there are responsible pet owners, should animals should be domesticated (and further bred to entertain more generations) in the first place? Why imprison the beloved? Why not live and let live naturally? Why not care only for the injured and helpless before setting them free? Why be a dog or cat person only? Why not be an ‘every animal’ person too? Why feed many animals less preferred as food – to few animals more preferred as pets? Why not see all animals as friends with equanimous compassion, with none as food?

As these questions were not explored, the film remained as light entertainment, instead of fulfilling its potential to share more profound statements on animal rights. It does speak up for the plight of abandoned pets, but goes no further. With incomplete child-like perspectives on animal rights, it is more on merely pet rights. What a great missed opportunity! Just as a good film on human rights speaks up for all humans, instead of only some preferred humans, the film could had been a way to introduce the sensibility of ‘fighting’ for all sentient beings’ rights universally.

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  • Frequently overlooked are the animals used for research at the university. Or even worse the ones (frequently former pets) used for product testing. Such vitally “important” things like hair dyes and facial cosmetics are forced on animals to satisfy human vanity needs.
    Boycott companies that test on animals, run them out of business is my response!

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