‘S Storm’ For Clearing Corruption 

These days, the higher one climbs in power and office, the greater are temptations for high-level corruption. Without crude robbery with arms and such, white-collar crime in this digital age can simply be about clicking the ‘right’ clicks at the ‘right’ time for indirectly channeling ill-gotten gains.

As the Buddha warned, there is no evil a liar might not do. This is so as liars essentially lie to cover up for more misdeeds, which are the breaking of more precepts. When stakes are high, risks are high too. Yet, the heavily corrupted simply risk on, ignorant of, or ignoring karmic effects to come.

The corrupted but unrepentant thus continue with their corruption. This is while honour among partnering thieves is present only when there is selfish benefit. Without repentance in time, it is a matter of time that liars get lied to, that thieves get stolen from, that killers get killed, silenced even for silencing. 

With endless cycles of double-crossing and cross-threats, there is no lasting peace and security within and without for partners in crime. The victimisers only constantly fear becoming victimised next. Perhaps in this sense, there is some eventual belief that the damning karma will come sooner or later? 

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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