The ‘Ghost Lab’ That Didn’t Work Well

The problem with trying to prove the existence of ghosts is that it requires physical recording and assessment of that recorded with the senses. This seems like the usual seeking of empirical evidence, but for disbelievers, they can have endless theories of what could have caused spooky phenomena naturally. Even strange EMF quirks can be rationalised to be mere environmental changes. How clearly super must the supernatural be before it is accepted? That said, the supernatural is but a natural extension of the natural, albeit in superlative ways.

The ‘Ghost Lab’ tries to prove that ghosts exist by making them visible. However, attempts to record proof are merely by video. In this age of CGI wizardry, this is hardly solid proof. There are attempts to provoke ghostly rage, to force manifestations to effect interference. But this can create lingering ghosts, who are more problematic than seeking proof of them lingering. Creating such restless greed and anger creates much negative karma too. Once a ghost is known to exist, he or she should be guided to a better rebirth, with the best of which in Pure Land.

There was much focus on the idea that negative ’emotions’ like aversion that spurs vengeance can make ghosts take form to interact more powerfully. In Buddhism, for the fuller picture, those heavy with the three poisons of attachment, aversion and delusion might become wandering spirits. Even understandable attachment to the living, that might be misunderstood as ‘heart-warming’ and ‘positive’ is also a spiritual poison, thus negative in nature. Attachment and aversion arise together from delusion too – for to be attracted to one is to want to avert another. Such is the momentum that turns the rounds of karmic rebirth.

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