From ‘Ragnarok’ To ‘Trese’, From Myth To Reality

A review with eight ‘what if’ questions… What if ancient myths are not totally outdated world views, not merely arbitrary ‘theories’ for explaining the nature of life, the universe and everything? What if they are archetypal representations that continue to manifest in modern life to some extent, thus deserving re/telling?

What if the gods and demons of old, with their great yet ambiguous good and evil that reflect us still take form as powerful men and women today, in the fields of big business and power politics? What if they have different appearances but have equivalent parallel powers in making or breaking the world?

What if these cautionary tales still tell timeless truths? What if there is still time to re/learn the lessons missed? What if indigenous rural and urban legends of deities, ghosts and monsters remain morally relevant in the lands they originate from, despite external proselytism attempts of singular god-centric belief systems?

What if age-old battles between good and evil rage on, exactly due to the absence of any one almightily good being and any one almightily evil being, with just the one of which, the ‘almightier’ one should had easily defeated the other ages ago? What if it is up to us, individually and/or collectively?

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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