‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’, Or Did ‘He’?

Supposed ‘based on a true story’, these 10 questions might come to mind[1] How is who portrayed to be a normal child so easily possessed? (Is there not supposed to be an all-loving creator believed to take care of all, or is there no such being at all?) [2] How is the child’s brother able to simply ‘demand’ the possessor to possess him instead? (If he could do so, does this make him more powerful that the possessor?) [3] How was the child possessable without ‘invitation’? (Did he ‘invite’ due to his heavy negative karma being present, thus making him susceptible?)

[4] If the brother was really possessed to murder, was he the inviter then guilty, or the possessor, or both? (If knowing how evil the possessor was, who was ultimately responsible?) [5] Since the family already invited a priest of their faith, why did invoking of the diety believed in to save not work? (Why does the ease to possess contrast so sharply against the difficulty to exorcise? How does the demonic so easily come, while it is so hard to make him/her go?) [6] Why not invite the diety believed in to possess the possessed instead? (Or is this not possible?)

[7] Was the curse sent to create possession so powerful, that even the diety could not undo it? (Or was there no such curse and/or diety?) [8] Why was the ‘devil’ (or demon) so hard to exorcise, despite there being an almighty diety believed in? (Or was the demon more powerful?) [9] Does such a relentless demon prove there is no almighty diety who can protect all by default? (Or are there more ‘demands’ for protection?) [10] Are there few such murder cases because deep down, we all know we are culpable for what we ‘choose’ to do, even when somewhat ‘confused’? (Does this prove that we know we should not have existential bad faith in ourselves?)

Most importantly, is the question of, ‘How can we be unpossessable, to prevent possession by evil beings?‘ The Buddhist answer is simple — by being ‘non-demonic’ personally. By ‘exorcising’ ourselves of the three poisons (三毒) of greed, hatred and delusion (贪嗔痴) now, as much as possible, by guarding the precepts (守戒) well, we will not be susceptible to demonic disturbances. Likewise for actual demons, to be free from their demonic nature, they should repent for their evil ways and commit to the precepts. With sincere mindfulness of Buddha (念佛), even curses will reverse.

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