Three Lessons From ‘Wave Makers’ And ‘Queenmaker’

[1] Curb Desires With Precepts: The immoral will break some or all of the Five Precepts (against killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and intoxicants) for satisfying their Five Desires (for wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep), thus harming themselves and others. While they might imagine they are cunning and in control of their desires, they are actually controlled by them. In contrast, those who observe the precepts and curb their desires protect themselves and others, thus truly having good control, for the good of one and all.

[2] Always Stay Clean: If one has moral dirt piled up and hidden, without coming clean, to be properly resolved in time, it might eventually show, or be discovered by others. In contrast, if you have no dirt hidden, there is simply nothing ugly to show, thus being fearless and ‘unransomable’. Even if slandered, it will surely be easier to prove that there is indeed no dirt to hide, just as it will be difficult to ‘prove’ that there is actually dirt to hide. Thus, always play clean, even with the ‘dirty’. Since stirred up dirt will not stick to you, those who play dirty will have dirt on themselves.

[3] Be One With Truth: As the character Oh Seung Sook in Queenmaker proclaimed, ‘Truth doesn’t bend or break at all. It doesn’t matter the amount of pressure we may be applying to it.’ The truth will always prevail, even if it is not known by everyone yet, because the truth is defined as the way things really are. Since this is reality that endures, it is indestructible for all time, to be discovered sooner or later. Thus, to prevail like the truth, we should be truthful and seek the truth, be one with the truth, by always being true to one and all.

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