‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Has Multiuniversal Ethical Issues

What if you encounter not just a doppelganger of yourself,
but a double version of your entire family and planet too

all of whom you have to decide to save or destroy,
versus your ‘actual’ self, family and planet?

Of course, you should try to save both sides,
but what if it seems that you can only save one side?
How do you decide which side is more important,
and to whom – ‘you’, the doppelganger you, or…?

Is this not the ultimate test of multi/universal ethics, a koan?
Will you have attachment to ‘self’,
and those associated with one’self’?
Will you make a selfless decision?

Not that there is a fixed ‘self’ in the first place,
which is the true or truer ‘you’ anyway?
Will the ‘self’-sacrificial ‘self’ be the worthier ‘self’?
Will it be ‘you’?

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