‘Yu Yu Hakusho’s Four Lessons《幽游白書》四訓

[1] Demons: As demons embody and express negative emotions based on strong greed, hatred and delusion (贪嗔痴), demonic monsters (yōkai: 妖怪) possess those with such negativities and amplify them. But if we already have such emotions, we are already ‘possessed’ by inner demons of these three poisons (三毒), with those extreme easier possessed by outer demons.

[2] Bullies: The above would explain why a bullied school boy turned demonic after being bullied too much. He was suppressing his inner demons of wanting hateful vengeance, which eventually exploded, while the bully was already ‘demonic.’ While demons are already terrible, worse than demons who fight humans are those who force demons and humans to fight one another.

[3] Buddha-Nature: Can demons feel remorse and compassion? Yes, and to that extent, these demons are not full demons, still with the potential of (re)connecting to their Buddha-nature, to be ‘undemonised’, just as humans can be ‘demonised’ by disconnecting from their Buddha-nature. Since Buddha-nature is always present, no one can really be a full demon, as in a permanent and irredeemable one.

[4] Pressure: Suffering can and should urge the ending of suffering. While pressure can bend and break, pressure can also strengthen and make. Obstacles can make the way instead of break the way. It can spur focus and concentration of mental energy. Thus, the ‘spirit gun’ is essentially the power of spiritual singlepointedness.

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