‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ Who Offered Escape

If sister (1) offers to save sister (2), with there being some necessary but calculated risks, should sister (2) just have faith and run along, to escape together? If due to cowardice, sister (2) chooses to stay put with their abusive father, is it her own fault, or that of sister (1), who chose to escape by herself?

Is sister (1) obliged to return, to keep trying to save sister (2), or is it ‘alright’ to let her be, since she chose to side with a ‘monster’? Should sister (1) let sister (2) be, over days, months, years, the rest of her life, or check with her once in a while? Should she keep urging her to escape? Or should sister (2) (also) try to be inspired by sister (1), to escape by herself, just as her sister did?

For liberation, we need to take courageous leaps of faith at times, (as featured in the movie literally with a jump), with this taking responsibility for ourselves. Otherwise, even if the ideal saviour extends a hand to guide and receive you, your bad faith in yourself and doubt in the escape route will still hold you back. Thus will you remain trapped, paralysed with inaction, to stick with familiar suffering indefinitely.

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