Why ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Is Still Tragic

After three instalments of Ghostbusters in the movies, a sore problem still exists, on the nature of their ‘solution’. There is still the ‘practice’ of trapping demons indefinitely, as if that will do to save the day forever. As long as lucrative (in the film industry), there will be the return of accidentally released demons, or the emergence of new ones from elsewhere.

Indefinite trapping mainly ‘serves’ to enrage the trapped; not rehabilitate them. This is as karmically unfair as the concept that there is an ‘eternal hell’ for those who have done great but still limited evil. In these movies, the ‘hell’ is either the ‘ghost trap’ or ‘containment unit’. Since there is no notion of the demons dying inside them, these effectively become Pandora’s boxes with unseen ‘time-bombs’.

When demons eventually emerge, they naturally become more vengeful and destructive, for the forgotten cruelty once inflicted. In this sense, Ghostbusters are more tragic than comedic. It is time to stop being busters, to start being rehabilitators. Who are we to imagine there is absolutely no way for some to turn over a new leaf? Just as we would want second chances, so should we offer them.

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