What Most ‘Complicated’ About ‘Singapore Social’

There is a kind of relationship sometimes labelled as ‘complicated’ or ‘complex’ due to its ambiguous nature. It is sometimes the ‘open’ or ‘semi-open’ kind. Beyond mere friendship, there is some sense of emotional and physical attachment with ‘benefits’, yet without actual commitment. Parties in such relationships might even claim their connections to be so unique and ‘sacred’, that no one else can understand them, not even very concerned close friends. Care by the well-meaning but ‘ignorant’ is then often misunderstood as being judgemental.

However, perhaps those involved are also confused on what they ‘signed up’ for, which makes it not hard, but impossible to explain the contradictory nature of their ‘semi-clingy’ relationships? Can there be commitment to non-commitment? Can there be clinging to non-clinging? There seems to be free and easy advantages on both sides, but there can be heartbreaking side-effects eventually, should one party decides to part ways, while the other realised that he or she is already much attached, in too deep, now pining for commitment.

Not that all must commit to a love relationship in the worldly sense, everyone should however overcome fear of commitment to strive towards what is spiritually worthy, in part if not whole, that transcends worldly attachment to the fleetingly physical and emotional. Lacking commitment in the beginning, middle and end in any endeavor, how can there be any truly fruitful outcome? Sacred true love has always been to care fully for more and eventually all, without being attached to any at all. Yes, a tall order, but a most worthy goal to work towards.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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