When Is Your Good Or Bad Karma’s ‘Due Date’?

Near the beginning of the movie ‘Due Date’ is a minor accident before Ethan and Peter enter an airport. Ethan tries to console Peter – ‘My father always had a saying. When a day starts like this, it’s all uphill from here.’ Ethan was suggesting that the bad start before their trip probably meant things can only improve later. Peter retorts, ‘Uphill? No, It’s all downhill from here… it’s easier as you go downhill.’ He was asserting that the bad start was, well, merely the beginning, that carries the momentum of more bad stuff to come.

Well, Ethan are Peter are neither totally right nor wrong. Provided that things were already so super bad in the beginning, as in rock bottom bad, the only way thereafter is up. In this sense, Ethan would be right. However, things were not that bad at first – which means things might either become worse… or improve! In this sense, Peter could be right. As Ethan was overly optimistic while Peter was overly pessimistic, the realistic Middle Path to take is by being more mindful, to not cause or condition more unfortunate events to occur.

As a comedy of errors, we know there will be more hilarious downs to come. Yet, come what may, good stories have sufficient uplifting morals to share. In a literally bittersweet scene, Peter apologises for drinking Ethan’s father’s ashes, which was mistaken as coffee powder in a tin can. Ethan remarks, ‘At least he tasted good.’ Peter concurs, ‘Not bad, yeah, strong. He was full-flavoured. Robust blend.’ Ethan amusingly philosophises, ‘He really enjoyed coffee. And in the end, he was enjoyed as coffee. Kind of the circle of life.’ Interconnection of interdependence! Peter was rushing to receive his newborn while Ethan on his way to scatter his father’s ashes. The circle of life indeed!

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