How Justice Was Served To ‘My Daughter’s Killer’

The synopsis of this true crime documentary reads, ‘A father believed his daughter had been r_ped and killed by her stepfather, a respected doctor. His long pursuit of justice led to last-resort measures.’ When the law initially failed to mete out justice, time and again, over the long course of three decades, the father relentlessly continually sought all kinds of means to legally penalise the killer. When all means seemed to prove useless, he finally succeeded with a controversial method, that is technically illegal, yet effective in the end.

At the end of the film, an interviewer asked, ‘What would you say to a father who has lost his daughter?’ The father replied, ‘I would tell him, as it’s been 39 years, don’t waste your life. I fought like Don Quixote de la Mancha. Against windmills. I got justice for her. But honestly, these battles are extreme.’ Yet, although like Don Quixote to some extent, he did get justice served. Surely, this is comforting to him, despite the drastic measures taken? His answer was then, truly to another father, not for himself, if he was the father in question. (There were 16 victims though.)

Thus, the question remains, as now rephrased, ‘What would you do, if YOU are the father?’ Further questions for reflection… How far will you go to seek justice for a murdered loved one? Will you consider crossing lines drawn by the law? Does the end justifies the means? Will it be worth it? While trusting in the relentless law of karma, that has long arms, that will stretch and eventually confront the guilty in some manner, we can be helping hands through which this law operates too.

When going after victimisers, do not become another victimiser. Having some indignant anger is humanly understandable but vengefulness is never right. While seeking justice, there must be peace of mind throughout. Otherwise, you are already being unjust to yourself, by punishing yourself for mistakes of those who deserve the actual punishment. Go as far as you wish without losing your pure motivation and peace of mind. Take calculated risks if needed, but without going against the spirit of the precepts. Even if the end is not as hoped, karma will still play out — justly.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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