An Existential Crisis Of ‘Mine’?

A lone soldier who found himself standing on what could be a mine in the middle of a desert brings these questions to mind…

[1] How do you know if you are on an existential mine or not, as in, are facing possible death with your next move or not? (You cannot really know. Yet, no matter where you are, and no matter where you are going to, your next step might indeed be your last. May every thing we do [or not do] be as meaningful as possible then.)

[2] What if staying put, not moving in time, can end in death too, with help not coming in time? [3] What are you waiting or fighting for? Is it worth it – your life? [4] How is a real physical mine different from an imaginary mental mine? [5] How will you handle your burden of choice now, that is paradoxically liberating too?

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