‘Jason Bourne’ Vs His Past Karma

‘Jason Bourne’ recalls his once forgotten ‘past life’ within this life… He was kind of tricked, yet kind of volunteered to be ‘trained’ as a ruthless killer of many. This reminds us to be mindful when choosing our vocation, which might karmically lead to lifetime(s) of regret. To the extent that he was intentional in his choice of actions, there was karma created accordingly.

His recollection opens a can of worms that cannot be closed back, which shockingly spills more and more worms. What is he to do? Redeem his present self or forget his past self? Even if he tries to ignore his past, there are those who still see him a deadly threat, thus attempting to kill him. In a sense, they were his karmic creditors. Even if they do not pursue, karma will still somehow catch up.

If memory of his past represents recollection of past lives, if it a good idea to remember them? This depends on how well you can handle the truth –of both your darker and brighter side. Will your dark past terrify and shame you? Will your bright past make you proud and complacent? It is safest to recall past lives in Pure Land with the clearest of insights, which also ensures equanimity of mind!

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