15 Lessons From ‘The Glory’

[01] Memento Mori: Remember you will die.
Me(mento) Mori: I will die.
(You too.)

[02] Life is too short for hating the hated and hating the hateful. [03] There is no glory in bullying anyone, including bullies. [04] Bullies will have the karmic agony of guilt for evil done; not glory of ‘victory’. [05] When you bully a bully, you have become a bully too.

[06] A life revolving around hatred and vengeance is a joyless and painful life. [07] Glory is in dissolving hatred with magnanimity; not affirming it with vengeance. [08] Teach hard lessons if you can, but not with hatred; with compassion only. [09] Move on, away from hatred, or stay obstructed ‘forever’… until you do. [10] Vengeance exacted brings about real grief, fake relief and no joy.

[11] ‘Only the devil (i.e. demonic) rejoices at the pain of others.’ [12] Vengeance imagined as satisfying will turn out to be horrifying. [13] If obsessed with vengeance, there is no higher purpose; no noble cause at all. [14] Do not regret escaping punishment; regret not repenting in time. [15] Live for bettering one another; not harming one another.

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