Wake The Master Up Now

Empower Buddha-nature.
Disempower defiled nature.

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In losing self to pursue the material and in pursuing the material and losing self, man is like a puppet tightly controlled by external forces, or a spinning top fiercely lashed by the whip of desire. It is only by “employing self to metamorphose the material” that we can become our own master and escape the slavery of property, sex and wealth. We must keep reminding ourselves to be our own master! The Zen master Shi Yan seated on a stone in meditation, often conversed with himself. (The following is from the ‘Compendium of Five Lamps’) “Master!” he called to self. “Uh!” self replied. “Wake up, from now on, don’t be deceived by others!” “Of course not, of course not!” The “Master” that Shi Yan called to is our life’s true self, our original mind and true nature. We must warn our self not to be changed by the external material and not to become a puppet or a spinning top. When you become your own master, you can freely arrange your own time and life. Chinese Zen: A Path To Peace And Happiness Wu Yansheng (Translated by Tony Blishen)

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  • From my personnel prospective, if you want to be a better person, it is important to cultivate your mind and get rid of the defilement and not cling to pleasure and unpleasure form from our six senses.

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