6 Brief Universal Lessons

Your mind cannot hold two thoughts at once.
This means that a single thought can occupy your entire mind.
Whether good or bad, everything stems from a single thought.
If we are careful with that first thought, even tragedies can be prevented.

– Haemin Sunim

[Set Your Goals] [1] Establish a goal for the week. There is a big difference between having a goal and not having one. A significant accomplishment can be traced back to a single thought. [2] Even if you have just a modest dream, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to others about it. By the time you tell ten people, it is more likely to come true. [3] Try these two things at the same time: Pretend you are already a champion and work diligently at becoming one. The gap between belief and reality will soon close.

[Don’t Hurt Anyone]
[4] When someone swears at you, stay calm and collected for thirty seconds. Then, that is the end of it. But if you fight back and demand, ‘What is your problem?’ you will have to spend more time with that unhappy person… [5] People say hurtful things because they themselves have been hurt. When you encounter someone prickly and malicious, think about what kind of miserable situation he must be in. If he is too much, and you don’t have time, just whisper, ‘Bless you,’ and move on… [6] The noise from a motorcycle assaults the driver more than anyone. The driver has only himself to blame when he is old and can’t hear anything. When you speak ill of others, it hurts you more than anyone – because your negativity is loudest within you.

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down:
How To Be Calm In A Busy World
Haemin Sunim

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