Am I Obsessed About Buddhism?

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Question: I’m new to Buddhism. When I talk to my friends about what I have learnt from the Dharma classes I’m attending currently, they look at me as if I’m turning into a nun the next day. One of them even said I’m too obsessed about Buddhism now. Is this so, or are they just too ignorant about it?

Answer: It’s very common for others to think those inclined towards spirituality are ‘obsessed’, when it is they who are too obsessed with the material world; while neglecting their spirituality. This is why it’s important to have spiritual friends to motivate one another. As you attend more Dharma activities, spiritual friendship will develop naturally.

In the mean time, it might be good to tone down on your enthusiasm of sharing the Dharma with those who find it too much for now. A sign of obsession with anything is when it damages your relationships with others. The more you learn and practise the Dharma properly, the more mindfully clear will you be, as to whether it is you or your friends who are confused about Buddhism. And the more skilful will you be in sharing the Dharma.


  • Sometimes I like to share what I learnt in buddhism with my friends because I found it interesting and useful. If they appreciate it, i will continue to share it with them. If not, I had better keep my mouth shut so as not to irritate others. As to whether I am being obsessed in buddhism, I constantly do a self-check (even if my friends did not mention so). This is because sometimes we may become so engrossed and interested in something (whether it is buddhism or other hobbies) that we start to find spending time with family members less enjoyable and start to neglect them unknowingly.

  • Take the time and effort to care for ppl around us, incl our own fami members..listen to their needs, and when the opp comes, take them to the Buddhist activities together if need,so they see for themselves the kind of ppl we hang around with are decent and kind..

    Share Buddhist stories from bk or DVDs in daily conversation occasionally, especially after attending Dharma talks or classes, or when asked what/where we’ve been..

    If casual chatting isn’t info enuf, end off by inviting them to a Buddhist event in future eg. Vesak Day Celebration or try vegetarian makan..

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