The Wonderful Open Secret Of Sincerity & Respect

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With utmost sincerity and deepest reverence
for a Dharma teaching learnt,
there will be great diligence in practice,
leading to realisation of its true goal and benefits.

— Stonepeace

Ultimately, when the practitioner recites (the name of Amituofo mindfully) to the point of pure, unmixed power, the totality of Mind is Buddha, the totality of Buddha is mind, Mind and Buddha are as one. I am afraid that this principle and practice are not understood by everyone. It has always been my desire to proclaim them and to disseminate the Original Vows of Amitabha Buddha (Amituofo) to rescue all sentient beings. How would I dare conceal this truth, transmitting it privately to you alone? If there is any secret knowledge to be transmitted privately in a hidden place, it is an externalist teaching, not a Buddhist teaching.

Having said so, however, this old monk, in truth, does have a wonderful secret teaching, which only he possesses. Since you have requested it today, I have no qualms about revealing it to all Buddhist followers. What is this wonderful teaching? It is utter sincerity and profound respect (to Amituofo when reciting his name). This secret is known to everyone, yet obscure to all!

Wishing to eradicate deep-seated (negative) karma and repay the kindness of the Buddhas, I have endeavoured, day in and day out, to probe the shining cultivation of the ancients. I have thus discovered that utter sincerity and profound respect constitute a wonderful “secret” method that lifts human beings to the realms of the saints (in Pure Land), enabling them to escape birth and death. Time and again I have brought these points to the attention of those who have the right conditions. You should know that sincerity and respect are not reserved exclusively to students of the Dharma, but form the basis of all activities that you want to complete to perfection.

Pure-Land Zen, Zen Pure-Land: Letters From (Pure-Land) Patriarch (Great Master) Yin Kuang
Translated By Master Thich Thien Tam, et al

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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