Project Transformation: The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation

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I love the teaching and will like to revise what you had taught… Love the teaching a lot! – Kelly

After attending your courses (I have been attending Project Patience too), I do find myself recalling some of the things you said and try to put them into practice, to be more mindful. Thank you very much. – Joan

Thanks for Project Transformation. It’s really very insightful and inspiring. – Mingrui

Thanks for the sharing. This course is definitely useful. I enjoyed it and will try to put what I have learnt into practice. My mum enjoyed your classes too… so much so that she has enrolled for both your coming courses. It must be you before she will come for the courses! .. See you in the coming courses. And many thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from you. Greatly appreciate it. Cheers, Violet

Hi Shi’an! I thoroughly enjoyed both the Project Transformation and Project Patience courses. The 4-session courses were well-planned and I could see the painstaking work behind each slide and set of notes. Really appreciate your mindful work put into these courses. After having attended many of your courses since two over years ago, I should be able to comment on the improvements shown with each one I attended. These are the significant ones:

a) There is summarising not only at the end of each session, but at appropriate intervals – this is excellent as we participants need this positive reinforcement for our learning.

b) Notes sent to participants promptly. The notes are clear and succinct, and help tremendously for us to revise our learning.

c) The initiative to print ‘The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation’ is great! We now read these verses after our nightly Nianfo sessions at home and feel that they are indeed useful and helpful in our daily lives.

All in all, it is wonderful to have learnt so much in these 2 latest courses and we will recommend others to attend them as well as all the other courses conducted by Shi’an. We have benefited very much from all the courses conducted by Shi’an (especially in our improved Faith, Aspiration and Practice) and will continue to seek more knowledge and be more mindful of Buddha always. Amituofo! Jac & Kee

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