Does Thinking Of Harm Harms?

Q: When my foot is stepped on and I feel pain, I might curse and swear at the person. Does this create negative karma on my part?

Yes. As this harsh speech is deliberate, based on intention, there is karma created.

I tend to talk to myself. Sometimes, I might have some evil thoughts, though I will not act upon them. Does this create negative karma?

There will still be some karma created, though much less than that when the evil thought is talked about to others or acted upon. This entertaining of negative thoughts and even muttering negative ideas to yourself is a bad habit that needs to be changed.  A solution is to practise mindfulness of Buddha’s name (e.g. ‘Amituofo’, be it in your mind or aloud) when mindful that evil thoughts are present, or about to be entertained. With practice, the bad habit can be transformed into a good one.

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