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发菩提心, 念念不去心。

– 释迦牟尼佛

Constantly giving rise to good faith in the Great Vehicle
[for delivering one and all to Buddhahood],
personally know that I am [you are]
a yet to be accomplished Buddha,
that all Buddhas are already accomplished Buddhas,
and give rise to Bodhicitta [the aspiration for Buddhahood],
with every thought never away from this aspiration.

– Sakyamuni Buddha
  (Brahma Net Sutra)


With thought to thought,
the mind being mindful of a Buddha,
with thought to thought,
the mind [eventually] becomes a Buddha.

– Stonepeace


– 释迦牟尼佛

All Buddha Tathagatas are the Dharma realm’s body,
who enter all sentient beings’ minds’ thoughts within.
This is as when the minds of yours and others think of [a] Buddha,
your minds are the 32 forms and their 80 accompanying excellences.
It is the mind that becomes [a] Buddha,
it is the mind that is [a] Buddha.
All Buddhas’ [immeasurably broad and deep]
ocean of perfect and complete awakening
from the mind’s thoughts arise.

– Sakyamuni Buddha
  (Sutra Of Contemplation Of The Buddha Of Immeasurable Life) 

2 Responses to “From Mindfulness To Buddhahood”

  1. Merrlyn 5 January 2015

    Thank you! A wonderful reminder to gather my scattered thoughts and focus them on the here and now. 🙂

  2. Yolanda 6 February 2015

    It’s like a warm cup of tea. I see it.I hear it.I ponder it. It’s very reasuring to me. I seek refuge in Buddha in Dharma in Sangha.

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