Dharma@Camera: Visions Thru The Objective Lens

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I am enjoying your course so far… Thank you for sharing the images and I appreciate your time spent to put together the stories and lessons from our shared images… Lessons learnt so far and still learning… 1. Connect photography as a hobby to express our thoughts as Dharma lessons. 2. Learn to accept imperfection and the beauty of incompletedness. – Ricky

Hi teacher Shi’an, thanks for the lessons on camera Dharma. I find the class thought-provoking and will aspire to take photos with mindfulness and meaning. I think that is what is lacking in my pictures – the depth and message. I specially enjoyed learning about the Zen philosophy on wabi-sabi… Also, you can consider doing a module 2 of the course since you still have a lot of photos left unshown. I will look forward to attending it. – Sabrina

When I learnt of the course, I was skeptical. Being keen in photography since many years ago and also having been involved in a Buddhist publication, which gave me opportunities to interpret Dharma in an image, I thought, how could anyone create four sessions covering this topic? Could this be more for non-Buddhist photographers, and what probably to be shared about what I already know? However, having attended a number of teacher Shi’an’s courses, including the Dharma@Cinema course, which was highly enjoyable and at the same time filled with insights, I decided to sign up for the course.

After the first lesson, I looked forward to every session. The course was not only filled with quotes from famous photographers, great pictures taken by photographers, but also included a large number of the teacher’s works over the years, accompanied with Stonepeace’s poetic writings, all interpreted from Buddhist perspectives. It was truly an unique course, unlike any photography or Dharma course I had come across.

It was also a humbling experience. Though teacher Shi’an more than once reminded us that he is not a technical person, he was able to bring about appreciation of photographic works beyond visual pleasure, beyond technicalities of composition and exposure, and indeed, what matters most are the messages behind the visual. Through the sharing, teacher Shi’an also taught us how to develop a keen sense of mindfulness to achieve greatly meaningful images. – Bee Lay

I really enjoy attending your lessons as the teachings comes from all angles, and we have to start to notice even the little things happen around us to learn to appreciate them. My little boy likes your photos and captions a lot and is eager to learn more… They created much positive impact for him… Thank you for sharing Dharma through your photos. I also learnt how to take photo with mindfulness. I used to take many shots [unmindfully] and believed that surely one will satisfy me and ended up so busy sorting those photos. We went Chiangmai right after the course. I applied what was taught. And for many shots, in fact, I had captions in my mind when shooting and others after some observation. Less is more! It is really a joy to see my photos with meaning now.Thanks! Amituofo, Tracey

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