Will Speaking Of The Unfortunate Cause It?

Question: Will speaking of the unfortunate happening lead to it occurring?

Answer: Not if there are no follow-up efforts to cause it to occur, or karmic conditions that allow so. The idea that mere speaking of the unfortunate will lead to it coming true is a superstition, that is not statistically proven.

Also, it is the nature of many aspects of life to alternate, as ups and downs. This is part of the truth of impermanence, as taught by the Buddha, which is not only in terms of deterioration, but renewal too.

For example, when well, then speaking of possibly becoming ill, when one really becomes ill later, it is not that one jinxed oneself, but that healthiness and sickness naturally alternate.

Even if not speaking of possibly becoming ill, one will still become ill sooner or later. If there is no thinking and speaking to prepare for the unfortunate, when it does occur, it could be even more unfortunate.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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