What Is Most Essential For Buddhists To Master?

a giant buddha statue in gakwonsa temple in south korea
Photo by Joel M B Marrinan on Pexels.com

Question: What is essential to learn from Buddhism?
Answer: How to have the best rebirth.

Q: Why is it not how to be liberated from rebirth (i.e. be enlightened)?
A: It is too difficult to do so in this era, that is so distant from the Buddha’s time.

Q: Why focus on having the best rebirth then?
A: Since there will be rebirth without liberation, we should ensure there is the best rebirth, in where liberation is guaranteed.

Q: Where is this place then?
A: It is Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛: Amitā[bha] Buddha) Pure Land (净土), where there are the most conducive conditions for attaining liberation.

Q: What is so special about it?
A: While it is the easiest Pure Land to enter with the Buddha’s blessings, through it, all other Pure Lands can be accessed for learning from all other Buddhas too, while offering immeasurable life for all. This makes it the single best Buddhist school in the universe.

Q: Is there a brief summary on how to reach this Pure Land?
A: Yes. Do study this in its entirety: https://purelanders.com/now and put what learnt into practice. As the Buddha repeatedly taught, life is impermanent and we must be diligent in learning and practising in time. Otherwise, this would be yet another wasted life.

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