What To ‘See Through’ And How To Do So? 何为与如何看破?

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Question: What is ‘seeing through’ (看破)?

Answer: We see through something when we realise what it brings about are impermanent (无常) and unsubstantial (without self: 无我). Before this, they are perceived wrongly to bring about that permanent and substantial. This is due to perceiving them with the three poisons (三毒) of greed, hatred and delusion (贪嗔痴).

Question: What should we see through?

Answer: Since the three poisons are wrongly ‘taken refuge’ in, as the source of ‘happiness’, we should see through the three poisons, to realise them as empty (空). That empty is lacks permanence and substantiality. Because the three poisons lack these, what they bring about are also impermanent and unsubstantial.

Question: How should we practise seeing through?

Answer: As the three poisons are habitually ingrained, it is not easy to see through them directly all by ourselves. The most powerful practice to do so is by transforming them with sincere mindfulness of Buddha (念佛), till they are naturally realised to be empty. With this practice, attaining the Buddha’s blessings, they will tune us to our pure Buddha-nature (佛性), thus transforming greed to be generosity (布施), hatred to be compassion (慈悲), and delusion to be wisdom (智慧).

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