What Is Meant By Time?

We are running in time
yet running out of time.

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The king [Milinda] asked, ‘Venerable Nagasena, what is meant by ‘time’?’ Nagasena replied, ‘Concerning the past things we speak in reference to time, concerning the future things we also speak in reference to time, but concerning the present things we speak without referring to time [as ‘now’ is timeless; it is always now].’  

‘Very good Nagasena.’ The king said, ‘In consideration, is there time which exists?’ Nagasena replied, ‘There is time which exists, there is time which does not exist.’ ‘Which time exists, which does not?’ ‘Regarding the person who has attained Nirvana, time does not exist [as Nirvana is timeless; permanent], but regarding the person who has not attained the Path and is still subject to birth and death, time exists.’ ‘Excellent, Nagasena.’ 

Nagasena Bhiksu Sutra
Translated By Ven. Guang Xing

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